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Our client came to us with passion and a concept: she wanted to create a unique gifting experience — one that was a little more special than a traditional gift basket, bouquet of flowers, or box of chocolates. While trying to think of a thoughtful gift for a dear friend, she came up with the idea to build a bouquet made of chocolate truffles. The idea was a hit, but she soon realized she needed a solid website and brand to showcase her products to the world. Enter Hudson.

The Details

On this project, Hudson worked hand-in-hand with founder & CEO Denise Fuchs to build the brand from the ground up. We wanted to create a young, culturally relevant brand (read: not outdated like some gift baskets) that walked the line between accessible and high end, exuded sweetness and love, and was great for long distance gift giving.

Hudson’s branding team took a deep dive into the gift giving industry, analyzing competitors’ brand identities, sentiments, UI/UX, social media presences, and actual product offerings.

Top Left: Denise Fuchs, Founder and CEO of Bloombaes. Bottom Left: Bloombaes on display at the Bloombaes Hickory, NC retail store. Right: The Ruby Rouge Bloombae.

Brand Strategy

The first deliverable was the brand and product name — Bloombaes. We wanted the name of the brand to also be the product name, allowing it to eventually become a well-known, household word. “Bloombae” not only rhymes with “bouquet,” but it’s a quick, easy-to-say word that still maintains a sense of sophistication and uniqueness. 

“A Bloombae is a handcrafted chocolate bouquet. It’s a colorful combination of melt-in-your-mouth chocolate truffles and keepsake sola wood flowers, wrapped in smooth, colorful floral sheeting and, most importantly, made with love.”


The Bloombaes logo combines a classy, unicase serif font with a more modern sans serif font to highlight the brand’s contemporary take on a traditional service. The brandmark is a flower made of custom-illustrated candy wrappers, representing Bloombaes’ signature product and showcasing its vibrant brand colors.


We purposefully chose the very classy serif font Grad Bold as the main heading font, and paired it with two very modern sans serif fonts to show elements of classiness and fun together. For the color palette, we opted for a chocolate brown that is warm and comforting, along with an array of bright and beautiful pink, green, purple, yellow and blue hues.


Our creative team provided art direction to a graphic artist in order to develop custom illustrations. This artwork is used throughout the brand to paint Bloombaes as a colorful, playful, handmade, and lighthearted brand. 

The illustrations live everywhere Bloombaes lives, from the website to marketing collateral, social media graphics, and the flagship storefront in Hickory, NC. The illustrations are also used in the logo mark, as well as on print materials, packaging designs, and in postcards and brochures.


Hudson’s branding team also worked side by side with Bloombaes on product development and naming conventions. We assisted in sourcing suppliers, comparing florals, and developing color schemes for each individual bouquet. As each product was developed, Hudson provided photo direction to the client, as well as custom-colored vector artwork based on the brand illustrations.

Website Strategy


Once a brand was established, Hudson’s design and development teams collaborated to build a highly engaging, user-friendly eCommerce website piece by piece, including a smooth UX, clean design, and an intuitive interface that was not antiquated like most flower delivery websites.


A simplified user-path gets the customer exactly where they need to go to purchase, and the multi-step checkout process incorporates every available customization and add-on for each product. Every aspect of website development was done through our completely custom product management system, which allows for easy ongoing product and global website updates.


In addition to branded graphics, engaging and brand-focused copy was written to tell the Bloombaes story and develop a brand voice and personality. This content was then optimized for SEO, with products categorized by search volume (e.g. events, chocolate types, etc.).


Hudson’s marketing team developed a social media content strategy based on Bloombaes key brand personality traits: sending love, brightness, and happiness. Using branded graphics and bright images, we created ad campaigns, email campaigns, and built a social following. Additionally, a press kit was created and press releases are routinely distributed to increase brand awareness.



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