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Website redesign for New Jersey insurance company


Already well established in the insurance industry, Franklin Mutual Insurance (FMI) approached Hudson seeking a website revamp in line with its recent branding efforts. FMI’s main goal was to come across as friendly and approachable to potential policyholders and independent agents. The company’s previous website structure was a bit unorganized, making for a confusing user experience. Additionally, the site was visually disjointed from the brand’s personality, combining stark red and black colors alongside heavy fonts that felt more dominating than approachable.

Old Design

New Design

The Details

Hudson’s creative team built a warm and inviting visual identity by modifying the brand’s color palette and updating fonts to appear friendlier and more approachable. We kept FMI’s classic red color because it has been the brand’s core color for decades, but we incorporated other light greys and blues, which helped to soften the overall color palette. Hudson also worked with FMI’s marketing team to curate images that properly reflected the updated brand’s warm personality, which helped to create a cohesive look and feel throughout the website.

The Website

In addition to improving overall aesthetics, the Hudson team completely restructured the website navigation, keeping SEO and user experience at the forefront of our efforts. Recognizing that UX was key for this project, we put a focus on user resources (blog) by adding the page to the top navigation, as the resource section provides value for current or potential policyholders. Additionally, we incorporated a sidebar feature on all other pages on the site to allow for seamless and swift website nevigation.


For FMI’s homepage, we were able to strike a balance of professional yet approachable. The design is clean and visually-engaging while remaining informative, which is important given the seriousness of the insurance industry. Right below the main hero image we incorporated tabbed call to action (CTA) for the company’s most common user types: new prospects and policyholders who either need to make a payment or a claim. This multi-layer CTA acts as both a lead generation tool and a customer experience tool.

The rest of the page focuses on providing useful information about FMI, as well as breaking down content by home insurance and business insurance to give users a more targeted experience. Lastly, for the users who are still exploring FMI, we incorporated a resource section at the bottom of the page which highlights the company’s newest articles and blogs.

The Results

Overall, we were able to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. FMI’s new website better reflects its brand while prioritizing SEO and UX. The new design elements and visuals promote a feeling of trust and commitment, and the overall design is intuitive, organized, and easy-to-use.

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