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Our client came to us with an idea for a party planning web app that was modeled after the ever-so-popular crowdfunding web apps. We were tasked with building a platform from the ground up that was relevant, easy to use, and all-inclusive — integrating both event planning and event funding into one hub.

Additionally, we needed to create a brand which would resonate across age groups, and a product that significantly simplified the often daunting event planning process. With our help, this custom web app came to be known as “FundSocially.”

Brand & UI/UX Design

Our creative team developed FundSocially’s brand from scratch. Originally named “Party Nav,” we suggested renaming the platform to “FundSocially” to better reflect the platform’s primary use case — crowdfunding social events. After much research and collaboration, we presented our client with a unique brand, including a new logo, updated color palette, fonts, curated imagery, and a brand voice. Additionally, we came up with universal naming conventions used throughout the platform to create a highly intuitive and branded experience.

For both the website and platform design, our UI/UX team worked diligently to incorporate the brand’s modern and friendly style into an easy-to-use interface. This required us to work closely with web development to ensure that the design and functions worked to create a seamless user experience from start to finish.

We designed dozens of unique screens, including a user dashboard, event creation form, and event collaboration tools such as itinerary, guest list, polls, discussion boards, checklists, and a graphical visualization of funds collected. Lastly, our client teamed up with a trusted and secure payment platform to collect funds, and we designed a smooth interface to facilitate that integration.


One of the most important aspects of creating a new platform is communicating its value to prospects. Since FundSocially was a new company and novel concept, it was crucial that we concisely communicated its unique offering. 

The “Features” page breaks the platform’s usability down into three simple steps: Create, Plan, and Fund. Each section includes easy-to-toggle subsections which further break down the key features and tools provided within each step.

Platform Development

The Hudson web development team conducted extensive research prior to building the FundSocially platform. This included competitor research, third-party integrations research, and a deep dive with our client into the platform’s unique specifications. Once we compiled all the necessary research and specified the platform’s key features, functions, and integrations, our development team created a timeline of milestones to keep the project on track. 

From a web development perspective, the FundSocially platform is robust. We developed numerous tools to aid in the platform’s smooth UI/UX, including the ability to easily log in with Facebook and incorporating multiple, easy ways to invite guests, including an auto-generating event link that can be quickly shared to invite guests on any platform. We also worked directly with a trusted, third-party payment platform to ensure that FundSocially guests could easily crowdfund each event. 

We aimed to create a minimum viable product (MVP) so we could test the app in the hands of real users, which ultimately proved to be invaluable. Using a combination of user screen recordings and surveys, we were able to gather rich feedback from users within the platform’s target market. This allowed our team to make important edits and tweaks prior to launch.

The Results

Creating FundSocially from the ground up was both challenging and rewarding. The platform continues to help users create, plan, and fund events in a truly innovative way, and we’re thrilled to have been part of its creation.

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