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Lux Holdups Problem

Lux Holdups, a reputable brand in the home luxury hardware industry with an impressive track record of over 38,000 orders on Etsy, decided to pivot towards driving sales through their independent website. This strategic shift was in response to the escalating competitive landscape and the rising fees associated with the Etsy platform. However, the transition was hindered by numerous challenges.
Their website was plagued by a complex product architecture that hindered user navigation, slow loading times that deterred potential customers, and an overload of over 50 problematic WordPress plugins. These technical issues,combined with an ineffective SEO strategy, resulted in a virtually non-existent organic
ranking. Despite several attempts, previous vendors had been unable to rectify these issues. Consequently, Lux Holdups was unable to leverage their website to substitute their Etsy orders effectively.

Lux Holdups Solution

Lux Holdups partnered with Hudson, a renowned website optimization firm, to address these challenges head-on. The comprehensive solution proposed by Hudson involved addressing the website’s fundamental issues, enhancing site speed, eliminating redundant plugins, and implementing additional website improvements. Furthermore, Hudson undertook the task of optimizing the website’s SEO performance, deploying a research-driven and strategic approach to achieve optimal keyword ranking.
While the website team focused on resolving the technical issues, the SEO team worked in parallel to optimize the site for search engines. This synergistic approach aimed to significantly improve the site’s performance and visibility.

Lux Holdups End Result

In a remarkable turnaround time of just three months, Hudson successfully mitigated all identified website issues, substantially improved the site speed, and eliminated unnecessary plugins. The website’s optimization led to a significant improvement in its search engine ranking, enabling it to process orders effectively.
The Lux Holdups team was empowered with a robust and reliable platform to launch new products and introduce novel website features. Currently, Hudson and Lux Holdups are collaboratively developing a Google Shopping and Search ad campaign strategy. This strategy is designed to increase visibility, attract potential buyers, and gradually replicate Lux Holdups’ Etsy success on their own website.

Lux Holdups Conclusion

Hudson’s timely and effective intervention proved instrumental in helping Lux Holdups overcome the technical challenges that impeded their website’s performance and the brand’s strategic transition from Etsy. The comprehensive solution provided by Hudson has set the stage for Lux Holdups to grow their business independently, signaling a new era of autonomy and scalability. The ongoing collaboration between Lux Holdups and Hudson underlines their shared commitment to ensuring continued success in the competitive home luxury hardware industry.

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