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Website overhaul, SEO, and brand refresh for electronics recycling company


Tekovery is an electronics recycling company which specializes in reverse logistics, IT asset value recovery, data destruction, and brand protection. Similar to many small-to-medium sized businesses, Tekovery’s website needed a modern refresh to better communicate its offerings, incorporate best SEO practices, and create optimized landing pages for PPC campaigns. Additionally, Tekovery’s brand needed a refreshed look and feel to appear more modern.

Old Design

New Design

The Details

We worked closely with Tekovery’s leadership team to define their needs and goals upfront. First, we needed to update the company’s brand styles, including a logo refresh, to help modernize Tekovery’s visual identity. Secondly, Tekovery needed help communicating their value propositions and new service offerings with easy-to-understand web copy. Once we updated the brand’s core identity, we were able to carry it throughout every element of the new website.



We also learned that Tekovery’s old website didn’t have a back-end system, making it very difficult for our client to manage the website or make updates. As a result, we built a custom CMS which allowed Tekovery’s team to update any website element seamlessly and within seconds.
Lastly, in addition to a modern website design and custom CMS, our client asked for a few other custom web development elements: an interactive valuator tool, a customer login system, and a quick and easy landing page builder for PPC campaigns.

The Website

Given the breadth of Tekovery’s offerings, we prioritized simplicity and ease of use throughout the website design to provide a smooth user experience. We balanced copy with visuals and incorporated “pops” of color to engage users. Similarly, our copy team took a deep dive into some of Tekovery’s more complex offerings, like brand protection, to write jargon-free copy throughout the website.


Every element on Tekovery’s homepage is designed to project authority and professionalism while advancing users through the website. Brand Protection is positioned front and center with direct copy, simple graphics, and a clear CTA, followed by the company’s four primary service offerings below.
Toward the end of the page, we incorporated logos of the well-known businesses that work with Tekovery, further solidifying the company’s position as a trusted leader.

Custom web development features

In addition to a cleaner, more modern website, Tekovery requested three additional custom web development features.

Tekovery Asset Valuator tool

Calling on APIs and data from other websites, we created the Tekovery Asset Valuator tool, which instantly calculates the worth of electronic items so potential customers can get an estimate of how much their items are worth. This tool was an important element in making the company’s website as customer-friendly as possible, as well as aiding in lead generation.

Customer login system

The second custom development feature on Tekovery’s website is a bespoke customer back-end system. Established customers can use this system to schedule pick up requests for a specific date and time, as well as generate quick quotes based on the items they’re recycling. Both of these features improve customer experience by saving customers’ time and allowing them to self-serve.

Custom CMS development

Finally, the new employee back-end system, or custom CMS, features our quick and easy custom page builder tool, which allows Tekovery to easily create beautifully-designed and fully-functional PPC landing pages. Tekovery’s team uses this feature regularly for creating PPC landing pages that are easy to launch and test.

SEO Copywriting

Tekovery also needed help communicating its core service offerings through new web copy. Our copywriters learned the ins and outs of Tekovery’s services — many of which are traditionally jargon-heavy and hard for the average person to understand — to write high-quality, engaging, and simple copy. Additionally, our writers worked closely with our SEO team to ensure that all copy contributed to building the website’s thematic relevance and increasing search engine visibility.

The Results

Overall, we were able to meet and exceed our client’s expectations. FMI’s new website better reflects its brand while prioritizing SEO and UX. The new design elements and visuals promote a feeling of trust and commitment, and the overall design is intuitive, organized, and easy-to-use.





Hudson Integrated delivered a beautiful website that, within a week of launch, brought in multiple new clients. Their service was personal, attentive and expert; they left nothing to be desired.


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